1What exactly happens in an escape room?
A group of 2-6 people is locked in a room and has a specific time limit to solve the puzzles. The time limit is usually 60-70 minutes. Specific knowledge or experience are not required and you may use your perception, observation ability, imagination and inspiration combined with mutual cooperation. In the disposal of the team there is always a game master, from whom you can seek help if you find difficulty in solving a puzzle.
2Is it dangerous?
Not at all! In the environment of Maze Games there are no risks greater than those we face in our own living room. But if you have any concerns, call us and we will be happy to reassure you!
3Any advice for new players?
First of all, you should see it as an entertainment and not as a test. Even if you will not be able to escape, the point is to have a great time solving puzzles. The game master is your friend and will happily help you wherever and whenever you need it -you can ask for help anytime. Also, do not forget which parts of the room are not part of the game (usually the air conditioning and electrical outlet). Finally, it would be very important for us to show at our place ten minutes before our appointment. Thank you for your trust!
4Is there an age limit?
No, at Maze Games teams of any age can play. Nevertheless, an adult’s or the game master’s presence in the room is advised for children under the age of 12.
5What if I am a claustrophobic?
No problem. Anytime you need to , you can simply exit the room. All our rooms in Maze Games provide you with the chance to simply open the door from which you came into the room, as the doorknobs are always in place.


If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to assist you.

Sincerely, Maze Games Team