You are in the gallery of the famous collector Delapatrides, aiming one priceless artwork. You are equipped with all the necessary tools and gadgets in order to unlock the locks, turn off the alarms and avoid any safety devices! You have 60 minutes before the police come to arrest you, you will manage to complete your mission? Be careful who you trust, every choice can change your future!

We are in the Second World War. You have been captured by the Commander of the German Forces who keeps you in a cell at his office!! A series of random events bring out the commander from his office for 60 minutes! You will manage to escape and to help the allies to win? The outcome of the war is in your hands!

haunted circus 3

You are residents of a small and peaceful town where days go by peacefully until a series of mysterious disappearances upsets your peace. Rumor has it, that the disappearences began shortly after the circus visited you. The local newspaper decides to publish an article about it but none of the reporters accept even going near it. Thus, the director decides to promise a huge reward to the one who spends the night there and afterwards recounts the story with details. Do you dare to try? If in an hour’s time you haven’t communicated with the outer world you will also be filed as a missing person…


It’s Sunday morning. You reach for the Sunday paper, but before even opening it something on the first page draws your full attention. A ship has been found adrift in the open waters of Santorini… It reminds you of something. You turn rapidly on the page where the article is. No one knows where it was sailing to or where his crew and his captain are… It was tugged today to Pireaus Port… Curiosity overwhelms you. You decide to sneak in the captain’s cabin, who you suspect to be a distant relative of yours. You have 40 minutes to discover what has happened before the port police comes to investigate the ship.


Not many people have heard of the Isle Illyria. According to a legend, the infamous pirate John Flynt discovered this island in 1755 accidentally, when a storm led him out of his track. There, he found an untold treasure. Flynt was your ancestor. You ‘ve always had a note of his, full of cryptic signs for this island, but you never knew how to use it -until now. A distant relative of yours has tracked down Illyria and wants you to work together to find the treasure. Adventure awaits!


You are in Royal Albert Hall holding in your hands the tickets you so much longed for, for the show of the Great Magician Hocus Pocus. It is widely known that this eccentric man makes his appearence whenever he wishes to, and also vanishes in the same peculiar way, but this time it seems to be taking more than expected for him to appear on stage. Something inside tells you to look for him although no one really knows where his dressing room is. At the same time you hear whispers in the crowd stating that Hocus Pocus might be gone forever. His enemies will try to find his wand and destroy it, making himself and his magic vanish. But he’s your hero, how could you let that happen? Will you manage to find his wand first and keep it safe, saving him and his magic? Time is running against you…

Special thanks to Myrto Perpinioti for “treasure island”‘s and “captain’s cabin”‘s graphic customization