Escape Room Party


Organizing a party in an escape room is without doubt an alternative experience. The game enhances the communication between the children while at the same time they are required to solve puzzles and escape using their common sense as long as their imagination.

All of our rooms are adjusted according to the little players’ age. A constant communication between the children and the specialized personnel is established through cameras and tablets or walkie talkies.

By choosing our escape room for your party you get to enjoy the following:

  • Exclusivity in the usage of our space (a minimum number of guests is required)
  • Special space for cutting the cake and/or setting a buffet (the cake and the food is up to you)
  • Waiting area with self service coffee machine
  • Fresh pop corn for our little escapers
  • Invitations


Children will be divided evenly in teams and play at the same time in different escape rooms. Each game lasts approximately 60 minutes while parties last up to 3 hours. That includes 2 games (back to back) for each team and a short break for cutting the cake and/or having a snack or lunch.


Naturally you can choose a program that only lasts one hour in total with just a small charge for the usage of space afterwards for cutting the cake.


In our space we can accommodate more than 45 people at the same time!

Across the street you can find a restaurant that offers a child menu with prices starting at 10€ per person.


Restaurant Project

An innovative idea for our little friends’ parties are our puzzle games, designed and played in a special space in the restaurant across Maze Games. The space where the game is played is completely different than the space of the restaurant and is only available when the restaurant is closed for the public. Therefor we can guarantee the exclusivity of usage. It is oriented towards ages up to 15 and teams consisting from 8 up to 25 players. You can trust as with the safety and the entertainment of the children while you enjoy your coffee.

After the game you can cut the cake and/or have lunch with children menus starting at 10€ per person.

By choosing the Restaurant Project you get to enjoy the following:

  • Exclusivity of usage of the space
  • Invitations
  • Special space for cutting the cake (the cake is up to you)
  • Meal (under agreement with the restaurant)
  • Smoking and Non-Smoking area
  • Constant supervision of trained personnel


The children are part of a very fun but also educational game along with the supervision of experts. It’s an escape game designed for your children and their friends that stimulates their imagination and encourages them to develop their intelligence.


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